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How To Translate Themes And Plugins Using Loco Translate

Right now, we’re working on broadening the list of languages WP Calorie Calculator supports. However, yours might be missing - sorry if that’s the case, our language list is still a work in progress. But if you’d like to translate the calorie calculator for yourself, you can easily do it…
WP Calorie Calculator Pro - Updates

There Is No Limit To Perfection – WordPress Calorie Calculator Plugin Updates

Let me guess: are you the owner of a website on active life, proper nutrition, and/or a healthy lifestyle? In any case, whatever you do in this field, you will like WP Calorie Calculator, and in this post, we will tell you about the latest updates of this WordPress plugin…
Interactive website features

7 Interactive Website Features To Increase Conversion

In the modern information space, there is a tendency to passively absorb everything we see on the Internet with no intention. Thus, your website can become another passing resource that users simply scroll through without really getting into the essence of the content. You don’t want that! You want an…