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Aiding the healthy diet promotion mission, WP Calorie Calculator Pro V4 brings you closer with your visitors and increases their satisfaction from using your website.

Make this plugin a lead-in before offering a nutritionist consultation. Use it to increase screentime. Fatten up your customer email database. WP Calorie Calculator Pro V4 serves multiple purposes – all for your WordPress site to bring even more profit.

Get Started

Fully customizable interface

Want the Calculator to fit into your WordPress site seamlessly? Now it’s even easier than before. Check out the new, refurbished templates and dozens of color options.


Adjust visual representation

Customize the Calculator’s appearance by selecting colors that match your branding. By using your preferred colors, the Calorie Calculator will seamlessly blend in with your website design. Let your aesthetic vision guide the appearance of the Calculator.

Modify message

Change the email text you send to your visitors. This message is what users will first associate with your company – let it represent you from the best perspective.

Now you can make your message even more attractive. Add your company logo to the header of your email to make it even more unique.

Choose the formulas

There are three options provided for selection: the Mifflin – St. Jeor, the Harris – Benedict and the WHO calorie rate formulas. All of the equations take into account every physical parameter that influences the daily calorie need.

Users can set their age, gender, height, body mass and activity level to get the most precise results. Select the one you trust the most or let users decide.

Calculation result type

Choose how to present the outcome of your calculations. The option to display the results directly on the website is available, allowing users to view the results immediately after providing their name and email.

To expand your customer base, integrate with Hubspot, Mailchimp or Zapier and select the option to send results to an email address or to prompt for an email address before displaying results.

Select your preferred layout

You have the option to choose from four different calculator styles: a basic “Plain HTML” design, a compact and visually pleasing option “Compact Pretty”, an “Extended one-screen with grid” design, and an “Extended with slider and multi-step” version.

Regardless of the style you choose, all of the calculator’s functionalities will remain intact. The only difference is the way the calculation steps are presented, allowing you to pick the most suitable look for your website.

Flexibility of design settings for request forms

The calculation results request form settings have become even more flexible with the addition of new fields such as first name, last name, email, phone, website URL, message, custom field 1, and custom field 2.

Customize the order, appearance (with the option to arrange fields in one or two columns), and quantity of fields according to your preference. Now you’ll be able to gather even more valuable information about your customers.

Entries export

All user data is securely stored in the database and accessible on the records page. The recorded information includes fields such as: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Website URL, Message, Sex, Age, BMR, BMI and more, totaling 24 fields.

You have the option to export entries to a CSV file. You can select the specific fields you want to include in the export and set a date range to determine the records to be included.

Download PDF- results

The ability to receive calculation results in PDF format has been added. In the calculator settings, users can now choose how they want to receive the results: via email, in PDF format, or both options. The PDF template is generated in a similar manner to the email template in the Email/PDF Templates section.