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Calories, nutrients, activity levels – everything needed to lead a healthy lifestyle. Plus, you get to communicate with your users – time to set up your email marketing!

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Entertain users and build your marketing campaign

Users will love personalized calorie & macronutrients calculation – it’s simple, effective, and super helpful for healthy dieting. Get in touch with your most interested audience and convert their attention into tangible results.

Entertaining interactivity

The plugin, like a mini-game, enlivens the user experience and increases screen time: your visitors will be happy to spend more time on your website.

Mailchimp integration

Users will be glad to connect with you by using the Calorie Calculator, and Mailchimp integration will help you make the most of it.

A more relatable service

Calorie Calculator supports the idea of healthy eating and helps people achieve their personal goals. Thus, you establish trust and build an image of a credible service.

One-click update

Update the Pro version directly from the admin dashboard – no need to download & install anything manually. Updating will take as much time as a click of a mouse does.

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Fully customizable interface

Want the Calculator to fit into your WordPress site seamlessly? Now it’s even easier than before. Check out the new, refurbished templates and dozens of color options.


Benefits you get with Pro

The Pro edition offers endless customization capabilities and marketing tools to help you increase conversion.

WP Calorie Calculator Free

WP Calorie Calculator Pro

Compact Settings page
One-click update from wp-admin
Changes apply without shortcode replacement
Instant/emailed results
RTL languages support
BMI & BMR calculation
Editable macronutrient balance
Customizable labels
Editable activity levels
Customizable color schemes
Formulas available
Templates available
User-end formula selection
Mailchimp integration
Zapier integration
Add as Gutenberg block
User-configurable widget
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Custom visuals

Set the colors of the Calculator to fit it in your website’s color palette. You can tweak even the smallest details – there are lots of settings for the colors of elements in all their states. Make WP Calorie Calculator assimilate better with your website’s interface.
Move the blocks and swap their positions on the page: the input blocks can be arranged in any order you like. Let your vision of the Calculator define the way it looks.

Modify tone and message

Let the Calorie Calculator speak your voice. In this version of the plugin, you can change not only the title, but block names and descriptions, too. Make them sound more cheerful or official and formal – the way your website does. Change the email text you send to your visitors. This message is what users will first associate with your company – let it represent you from the best perspective.

Choose the formulas

There are three options provided for selection: the Mifflin – St. Jeor, the Harris – Benedict and the WHO calorie rate formulas. All of the equations take into account every physical parameter that influences the daily calorie need. Users can set their age, gender, height, body mass and activity level to get the most precise results. Select the one you trust the most or let users decide.

Convenient in every aspect

Add as shortcode

Once you’ve configured the Calculator to your taste, paste it on your page as a shortcode. It can be a widget or a separate page – whichever fits best.

Mailchimp & Zapier integration

Since the plugin lets you collect user emails, this advantage must be put to use the best way possible. WP Calorie Calculator Pro and Mailchimp/Zapier working together will work wonders with your email PR & marketing.

Unit conversion

In WP Calorie Calculator, both imperial and metric systems of measurement are available. This is especially valuable for global businesses. Your visitor will appreciate that unit conversion happens automatically as they toggle the preferred option.

We keep improving WP Calorie Calculator Pro –
with the help of your feedback

The extensions and additions to both free and Pro editions planned for 2022.

Your ideas can be here!

Let us know what you’d like to see next, and we’ll put it on our to-do list.

Your ideas can be here!

Let us know what you’d like to see next, and we’ll put it on our to-do list.

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WP Calorie Calculator Pro is the right choice for your website if your business is:

In Health, Sport, Fitness & Wellness, Nutrition or Sustainable Living

For customers with a healthy lifestyle mindset

Aimed at promoting healthy dieting

Fulfill the crucial needs of your business

Aiding the healthy diet promotion mission, WP Calorie Calculator Pro brings you closer with your visitors and increases their satisfaction from using your website. Make this plugin a lead-in before offering a nutritionist consultation. Use it to increase screentime. Fatten up your customer email database. WP Calorie Calculator Pro serves multiple purposes – all for your WordPress site to bring even more profit.

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